In 2007 Oliver and Andrea Scott of Wild Side Ranch teamed up with highly regarded horse trainer, Dave Minteer, to establish a horse training facility in West Bloomfield, NY. Dave is well known for his natural way of starting colts, correcting bad behavior and “tuning up” finished horses. Natural Horsemanship is the philosophy of working with horses of all disciplines by appealing to their instincts and herd mentality.

The Minteer motto, “Training through trust and confidence” sums up the firm yet gentle way that the animals are handled while being trained. Horses learn by the release of pressure, thereby being rewarded for the correct response. The object is for the horse to feel calm and safe throughout the training.

“If I build it will you come?” Andrea Scott, a long time believer in Dave Minteer’s training abilities, lured him to Wild Side Ranch by erecting a modern indoor facility with stalls for twelve horses to board and be trained. Since the beginning, response from horse owners to the training and the facilities has been exceptional.

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Wild Side Ranch

8675 Taft Road • Bloomfield, NY 14469

Tel: (585) 624-4603



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Oliver and Andrea Scott with Mister Rojo Jet

Dave Minteer with Casey